A Hidden Opportunity- The 123Notary.com controversy

It is how you respond that makes the opportunity If you follow comments on the forums, you may have seen the uprising against Jeromy Belmont, owner of 123Notary.com. He randomly calls his clients (us) and quizzes them on notary fact/law to ensure in his opinion they are competent enough to be listed on his site.  … Read more

Did you know?

When handling general mobile notary work, I receive calls for documents I many times do not recognize. Recently, I received a call to notarize an FS-240 form. I wasn’t familiar with this form so I looked it up and saw it is a vital record, just like birth records here in the US. It is … Read more

3 tips to get past the Gatekeeper

How do I get past the gatekeeper at facilities I am asked frequently as well as observe in notary forums about how difficult it is to get in the door at facilities.  I suggest rather than dropping your business cards or brochures off at local facilities announcing your notary service, consider how you can improve … Read more

A Notary’s lending Hand

Not a typical Assignment… I love when our notary community steps up to help a fellow notary! I drove to Los Banos on Sat to deliver a trust. This client was a little unusual, no close family, did not like/trust neighbors, and no A/C in his home. Needless to say is was really hot and … Read more

2nd Annual CA Notary Symposium in Modesto

In observance of National Notary Day in November, the 2nd annual CA Notary Syposium will be held at the Modesto City Plaza, Nov 4th  Join me and 100 of your Mobile Notary and Notary Signing Agent friends to learn how to increase your revenue, rather than your workload!  Volume doesn’t equal more profit!  Come to … Read more

You did the work, now get paid!

Today I helped a caller regarding tips on collecting fees from loan signings and thought there are likely others who would like those tips as well. 1) Read the agreement you signed with a signing agency(if you did) for time frames, and how they handle failed appointments/trip fees, etc so you have a standard they … Read more

National Notary Public Day 2015

As we recognize National Notary Public Day, I found this quote from the NNA e-bulletin published in Dec 2014 that truly sums up our impact on the public the serve. “Properties are conveyed, contracts are honored, adoptions are finalized, estate plans are established and medical wishes are respected — all because documents bearing the authenticating … Read more