Las Vegas, a letter of observation and hope

We all need coaches who can give us direction and inspiration beyond our business.  I follow Brandon Burchard as one of my many coaches. In this case he give me encouragement when it is difficult to fathom a person can destroy life as the gunman did in Las Vegas.  He was in Las Vegas working on his new book and here are his observations and hope:

I just left Las Vegas.

I wanted to share what I saw and felt and believe.

I was in town for interviews and meetings for my new book.

Here is what I witnessed:

Good people. Scared people. Happy people. Angry people.

All struggling to cope, to understand.

I saw tears. I asked questions. I heard conspiracy theories. I felt the anger and sadness.

I have family and friends and students there. They are okay. But the world is troubled.

I am writing to share something important in these chaotic times, where negativity and violence seem to be the only headlines.

It is a message of hope.

It is a call to positivity and appreciation.

Some perspective…

For 21 years, I’ve studied psychology, personal development, neuroscience, and high performance. My life is studying the human journey.

For the past decade, I’ve spent every workday training others to reach deeper motivation and higher performance (or creating content related to that end).

I’m out on the road, a lot. You’ve probably seen the short film about my career and tour on my YouTube channel. That’s my life. I’m out in the world, speaking, coaching clients through tough life issues, volunteering and serving with every ounce of my heart.

In all my years doing this, I’ve never seen such negativity stealing people’s lives away. It’s why we need you so much now.

Here’s what I’m witnessing more than ever:

Anger fueled by assumptions. Disconnection from the moment and one another. The travesty of speedy judgements. Good people drowning in pools of pessimism.

Haters shaming. False dramas. Accuse now and don’t ask later.

It’s enough to draw all the hope from our hearts.

But we must not let this negativity and separation win.

Let us never fail to recognize the beauty, love, abundance, and opportunities all around.

Yes, there are deeply troubled people out there.

Yes, there are reasons to be upset.

So, to all those who have remained positive, hopeful, and faithful despite it all, this is a love letter to you.

To those who remember to seek first to understand, this is a love letter to you.

To those who practice those simple but great acts of kindness, this is a love letter to you.

To those who care enough to hold your opinion until you have carefully studied, this is a love letter to you.

To the volunteers, the loving parents, the servant leaders, this is a love letter to you.

We appreciate you.

And we need you now more than ever.

To all, trust this:

The future holds good things for you, and you are stronger than you think.

Remember that most people are very good and kind and working hard for their families.

Take time to appreciate the positive, to speak the positive, to share hopeful dreams, to cheer on others, to embrace those you love, to be thankful.

Listen to that hope in your soul that is asking you to have reverence for life, and to be an even more thoughtful and loving human now.

We can choose to feel anger and perpetuate negativity and hate. Or we can choose to seek peace, to inspire others by remaining positive, to always live through love and service to a higher cause.

I leave Las Vegas inspired because I met so many hopeful fans in the airport. They said they know there is darkness. And so they want to be a light.

And so let us be luminous now, conscious now, tender now.

With love,


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