Covid-19 Response

I am still providing mobile notary service.  California requires the signer to meet in-person with the notary so precautions are necessary to keep me and my clients safe.  I will balance precautions with compliance with CA state notary law.   Although I must require the physical appearance of the signer I will use CDC requirements to protect each one.  Also, thumbprints for all real estate and POA documents are still required.

What I am doing to continue safe mobile notary service

Follow CDC requirements, such as social distancing (as close to 6 feet as the space will allow).  If that is not possible, outside signings are also an available option.
Survey pre-appointment of the health of signers, others in the home for the last 14 days.
Pre-sanitizing of table space and hands and use of gloves during the assignment.  I can provide extra gloves should signer not have any.
Use of Signer’s own pen, or I will provide a sanitized pen.
Wearing the mask during the assignment, I suggest the signer wear one as well.
Sanitizing of the journal, seal, thumb printer, and other frequently touched tools.
I will not accept appointments if I am ill or another person in my household is ill in the last 14 days.
During the Pandemic, I will not perform signings in facilities such as Jail, Hospital, Skilled facility, or Assisted Living.  These are already high-risk signers in high-risk environments.  Not only would I become potentially exposed by being in those spaces, but I could also pass the exposure to others as I interact with other businesses, clients, and my family. 
Update April 2021
As we start opening up facilities,  I can perform signings in facilities such as Hospitals with permission and guidance by staff, Skilled facilities, which now allow patients to go outside, and Assisted Living residents in a common area or outside.   Jails remain closed to face-to-face, in-person visits at this time.
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