Become a notary


Become a Notary

How do I get started?

Question-GirlBecoming a notary or renewing your notary commission is a lengthy and sometimes confusing process and can be a significant financial investment.  Some of us are fortunate and have an employer who will pay for the expense, but for some, we take on the entire cost.  And there are many choices to make.  Do you take a live class or an online class?  Which format best suits your learning needs and schedule, and helps you pass the exam the first time?  Then there are the supplies–some are required, such as the Journal (but should you use the softback or hardback?).

To help you with starting or renewing a California commission, here is your simple 8-step guide produced by the National Notary Association.

What tools do I need?

As an an authorized Product Consultant  for the National Notary Association, Laura is able to help you choose the best tools for you.  Using her expertise as a Certified Instructor for the California Notary Mandated Training class and N.N.A. Loan Signing Agent Course, as was well as 12 years running her own successful mobile notary business, Laura will guide you through from step 1 until you are a valid commissioned notary.

Remember not every notary needs every notary tool.  Choosing your notary supplies depends on how you plan to use your commission and will determine what other products and services would be helpful in fulfilling your role in deterring fraud.

Laura’s expertise will help you purchase tools that will be the most cost effective, provide flexibility, and best protect you, the notary. The best part is all purchases are processed and backed through the NNA  directly, as you are buying from an NNA representative, not a franchise  or contractor. There are no extra costs involved for the personal shopper experience Laura can provide.  Her expertise is her gift to you and completely complementary.

Being a confident and competent notary begins at the very beginning with your training and tool choices.

If you do not need this extra help, and would like to purchase your supplies through the NNA on your own, here is the NNA website link and you can shop there directly.  Of course I am still happy to answer questions, or direct you to resources on the site.

3 thoughts on “Become a notary

  1. Hello Laura,
    I am interested in becoming a notary. There are several organizations and I would like some advise on which is the most reputable of choice. Or if it matters. Thanks and if you have other advice/information, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Best regards

  2. Hello Laura, I am really interest in becoming a loan signing agent
    And have a Few questions.
    If I do this full time how many assignment is average per day, per week? And how much could I expect to make a year?
    I am brand new to this but I believe I could be great at it
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!!
    P.s I am in Southern California

    • Juan,

      Some days I have no appointments and other I may have 4 or 5 which is likely the most you could handle since each may take 2-2.5 hrs. The amount of money you make in a year depends on how many assignments you handle, your fee for the assignments (which will vary by geographic area) and your cost to do them. Every NSA is different. I can say that Loan signings on their own is not a strong full time job as the Real Estate Market has volatility. Also consider general everyday documents with mobile service to supplement the NSA work. My tips include, Be Certified. And do not play the low price game! Taking work for less than you can make a profit will keep you busy in low paying work. Build relationships where you can, say with local title companies. These relationships may not produce work immediatly, some of mine have taken years to get the first assignment. Be careful what you read on the social media forums. Know your state laws, in CA there are new IDs, new fees, and several other new laws starting in Jan 2017

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