You can depend on Laura Biewer to provide signing services wherever and whenever the client needs to meet…reliably, flexibly, with unsurpassed professionalism, and with proven attention to detail. See her Commitment to Quality Statement.

Why would you need a mobile notary?
  • PRIVACY:  Your documents are sensitive and require an environment of confidentiality.  Retail stores and banks that offer notarizations do not tend to have that environment available.
  • EXPERTISE:  When the documents require formal training and/or experience. For example, Certified Notary Signing Agent status.  Notaries in shipping centers and or banks may not be certified to handle loan closing documents specifically.
  • ATMOSPHERE:  Counter help generally works at an expeditious pace, due to other customers waiting for services–so there may be a feeling of being rushed. If you need additional support to get the notarization performed (such as credible witnesses or signature by mark) they may not offer that opportunity.
  • NON-BUSINESS HOURS:  Most stores and banks are closed by 5:30pm during the week, and have limited hours on weekends and holidays.  Mobile notaries keep extended hours of service and can assist you evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • INABILITY TO TRAVEL:  Perhaps you don’t have transportation, or are in the hospital and cannot travel to get a notarization–you need a commissioned notary to come to you, where you need the service provided.

If any of this sounds like your situation, then call At Your Service Mobile Notary and relax!  We will handle the rest.

At Your Service (AYS) proudly serves Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties, including:  Modesto, Turlock, Oakdale, Riverbank, Ceres, Salida, Ripon, Escalon, Empire, Manteca, Waterford, and Keyes.  By Appointment, 7 days/week.

If you DON’T need a mobile service, may we suggest:

My Mail Box
1320 Standiford Ave.  Suite 4
Modesto, CA 95350
(209) 523-0272

AYS specializes in:

  • Loan signings for Real Estate (certified loan signing agent)
  • Automotive Signings
  • Jail/Detention Center notarizations: Visitations for minors, Power of Attorney, Impound releases
  • Foreign documents and international Adoptions
  • Hospitals, rehab, and assisted living facilities: Advanced Health Care Directives & Financial Powers of Attorney  
  • Trusts (Estate Planning Documents)
  • Expedited Apostille services
  • Homeowners Association (HOA) Inspector of Elections

In addition, AYS can come to you to help with any other business or private documents requiring notarization, such as:

  • Grant, Inter-spousal, Quit Claim deeds
  • Tattoo permission documents
  • Application to get certified birth certificate (driver’s license renewal)
  • Affidavits
  • Pension verification documents
  • Personal Firearm Applications
  • Permission to travel for minors 

Single Document Fees
Notarization is $15/signature/document (Modesto)

Travel: $35, (Mon.-Sun., home, office, public venue during business hours)
Travel to Assisted Living/Independent Communal:  $50
Travel to Hospitals/Nursing Homes:  $60
Travel to Safety Center/Jail:  $100 (if wait time extra fee)

Travel outside of Modesto:
Riverbank, Ripon, Keyes, Ceres — $50 travel
Manteca, Turlock, Hughson — $60 travel
Delhi, Hilmar, Patterson — $75 travel

Document Package Fees
Forbearance or partial claims package:  1 signer $65, 2 signers $95
Loan Signings:  $175-250 (For 1 or 2 signers, includes printing 2 sets docs, travel, collection of all signatures, notarization, drop at mail depot)

Living Trusts Full Packages: 

  • 1 Trustee:  $135 (includes travel in Modesto, $150 outside of Modesto).
  • 2 Trustees: $150 (includes travel in Modesto, $175 outside of Modesto).

Trust document, POA, AHCD, Last Will only:  see single document pricing.

An office environment is available for package signings:  520 13th St., Modesto CA 95354

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  1. Hi Laura, do you have a new website. The postings here are very good, but are older. Are you still working it?

    • Hi Ivette,

      This is my “do the work” website and I have moved my interactions for coaching to my new website Please come on over and check it out!

  2. Hi Laura, Thank you for access to your “Presents” series. It was an exciting win for me on Tuesday Titans.
    Your explanations are clear and precise. Your voice is easy on the ears . Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping others.

  3. Good afternoon:
    I am currently a Notary and I have been for a few years, but It has not been profitable. I took the signing anent course on line about a month ago, but I would like to sit in on a signing, before I advertise, and got it alone.

    I am very interested in becoming a mobile notary, but I don’t know how to start-or where I can get the word out, that I am offering this service.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Paula, I would be happy to talk to you about what you can do to make this business work for you. Schedule a free “Quick Call” at my coaching website and We can discuss if I can be of further service after the call.

  4. Hello Laura: my name is Josephine, I am a Notary Public, I have office in Oakland and Burlingame, CA . I would like to learn more on Notary Mobile and also interested in signing loan document and Trust signing. Phone (510)-816-9363.

  5. Good morning Laura!
    I just recently received my Notary Certificate an I’m living in Washington state. I’m currently taking a course for a loan signing Agent. How do I get my Notary off the ground. I’m signed up with Notary Rotary.

    • Naomi, Congratulations on your recent commission and taking your next step by getting certified. Consider other registries such as and Are you certifying thru NNA, then you automatically will be listed in their registry as well. Identify title or escrow companies in your area. There are many ways to market yourself and I cover much of that in my NSA marketing course. IF you would like to know more, check out my webpage called for notaries, towards the bottom will be a list of classes. I teach them 1 on 1 either live when close enough or through Zoom video call.

      At Your Service,


  6. Hi Laura, I attended the Notary Symposium 2018 and I would like to get on your mailing list for everything you do.

    Thank You.

    • Annette,

      Feel free to like my business FB page so you get all my posts. and

      I look forward to seeing you again at another event. THere is a meet up in Sac on Jan 17th, would you be available?

      At your service,


  7. Hello. I love your website. Very detailed and informative.
    I am a notary and NSA in Virginia. I am interested in making my business grow and to branch out into other areas of using my notary skills. I have 13 years in the signing business and an setting myself up to activate my real estate license Nd will need my main income to come from my signings. Can you help me?


    • Rhonda, We can discuss by phone how I might assist you, please reach out to me at 209-606-4938

      At your service,


  8. Good Morning, I am a notary in Washington, DC and wish to obtain additional information regarding Living Trust Signing Agent. If you would point me in that direction, it would be appreciative. Also, are you familiar with classes for loan documents signing?


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