A Notary’s lending Hand

Not a typical Assignment…

I love when our notary community steps up to help a fellow notary! I drove to Los Banos on Sat to deliver a trust. This client was a little unusual, no close family, did not like/trust neighbors, and no A/C in his home. Needless to say is was really hot and I was with him 1.5 hrs. I went thru the trust and found although he understood what I told him, the likelihood he would remember even with written instructions after I left seem iffy.  He would reask questions I answered early in the presentation several times. With no witnesses, (which I did tell him before I arrived), we were not able to sign the Will or AHCD.   I could be 1 but we needed 2.

If I had been in Modesto no problem, I would have called a family member/friend to help me out. HOwever, I was over an hour away. I wrote down explicit instructions about asking his nephew (successor trustee) to get two neighbors who live by him when he went to visit to complete the process and continued to deliver and notarize all the other documents. I planned to follow up thru the trust company who sent me to check that he did in fact sign and witness those documents.

A Notary steps up!

Finally done, I went to Starbucks as I had made a coffee date with another notary friend from our network who lives in Los Banos.  I told him what happened and how concerned I was about this client and he offered to go back with me to be a witness so the trust would be valid. What a sweetheart!

Whose responsibility is it?

It is the singer’s job to secure the witnesses, but sometimes, when I see there are extenuating circumstances, I remember it is about the people who sign the documents I serve. He needed a little more help to get these important documents completed. We went back and took care of him. I also asked how he deals with the heat since no A/C and that can be dangerous, he said there is a pool in the community so he swims. I am extremely grateful to my colleague Jerry Knoester who demonstrated how seeing other notaries as our colleagues rather than our competitors really helps us in the long run. Also, that we are people serving other people and that is always an opportunity to do a good deed.

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