The Secret to Networking

I really like this article as it reminds us about how simple it can be to connect with others by showing interest and/or offering assistance to them rather than concerning ourselves with what they bring to us. Networking is the cornerstone to being self employed and keeping channels of work flowing. To this end, I … Read more

Am I sure I want to be my own boss?

For those of you thinking about how great it is ts to think about,and  for those of us who have…….. we will relate.  And his 9th item is fantastic, which is: Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, just because you watch Shark Tank doesn’t make you one.  Find the right path for … Read more

Creating a Successful Mobile Notary Business

As with just about any profession, creating a successful mobile Notary business requires hard work — every day. Beyond a willingness to work hard, there are a number of things anyone trying to succeed as a mobile Notary should consider. These activities have worked for me and the many Notary entrepreneurs I have mentored through … Read more