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Very quick response time from Laura. We were able to get an appointment on the same day, and she was prompt, and efficient, so we could get the documents signed and ready without a lot of back and forth.

Per T.
Hughson, CA
Dec 20, 2022

Although her primary work is as a mobile notary, Laura also offers services as an Apostille. I hired her to help me apostille my birth certificate and I have to say that she is one the quickest and most reliable legal workers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I needed help as soon as possible and she was available and ready to meet in less than 25 minutes. She was quick and efficient. She was trustworthy and all around reliable.

Salvador P.
Delhi, CA
Jan 11, 2022

She is an expert in Notary. On top of knowing everything about regarding notary, she is thorough, kind, patient and respectful. She’s the BEST!

Elena R.
Escalon, CA
Jul 9, 2021

I signed up for Laura Biewer’s coaching services because I was a newly commissioned notary and had not yet notarized anything. I needed somewhere to turn for the nitty gritty, and any last minute questions that would arise doing the actual work. Not only was she a great resource, she was part of my team, a cheerleader, and an incredible support system. I would have never made it through my first signing without her. She offers peace of mind, confidence, and comfort in my skills. She is worth her fees 100X over and I plan on keeping her on my team for as long as I’m in this industry. Her knowledge, expertise, and wisdom in this arena is untouchable.

Mina L.
Valley Center, CA
Oct 13, 2020

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  1. I had a training session with Laura Biewer, At Your Service Mobile Notary, and it was very useful. After 4 years in notary business I felt that I would like to extend my business, and Laura recommendations and tips were very useful. We are trying right now to explore them and make our business more flexible. She is always available and always willing to help. It is great to have a coach and mentor like Laura to help guide you through. I am very grateful for her willingness to share information, provide guidance and encouragement.

  2. I just drove 300 miles to take Laura’s Notary Classes and I had a priceless experience; it was one of the best decisions I have made…Laura opened up her schedule for me despite not feeling well. I feel so grateful for Laura’s kindness and understanding as well as sharing her experience with me. I am looking forward to meeting her again in all Notary and NSA Programs, Thank You Laura!

    Aigul Bollweg
    AMB Notary Services
    Los Angeles, CA 90046


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