How will you observe National Notary Day 2017?

Every November we observe National Notary Day to pay tribute to those of us behind the scenes, notarizing important documents for businesses and the public.  Last year I co-organized a 1-day event in Modesto to bring together successful notaries to share their expertise with those who were starting or relatively new to the world of loan signing agents and mobile notary work.  We had almost 50 in attendance who told us how much they learned that day and how rare it is to find a local event organized by notaries for notaries. 

I was motivated to bring it back again this year at the same location with space to accommodate up to 100 notaries who want to step up their game.  I have some new speakers, new topics, and a networking luncheon as a new element to practice making our competition into our colleagues.  I am part of a network of about 25 notaries who share the work when they are unable to take the assignment, and I push work towards them when I am unable to handle the job.   When I last checked, most were referring work back and forth and I have been on the receiving end so I know it works!  It is exciting to meet with those who do what I do and share tips on how we keep our business expanding.

This year, make the time and financial commitment to improve your business skills by attending this event on November 4th, 2017 at the Modesto City Plaza.  Check out the Notary Symposium Website:  where you can find speaker, topic and ticket information.  You may also follow us on our facebook page

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