The Secret to Networking

I really like this article as it reminds us about how simple it can be to connect with others by showing interest and/or offering assistance to them rather than concerning ourselves with what they bring to us. Networking is the cornerstone to being self employed and keeping channels of work flowing.

To this end, I have a loose knit group of Mobile notaries in CA to whom I can forward assignments when I am not available or just not the right notary for the client. I do not get any referral fees from this, and I likely forward more notary jobs then are sent back my way , but that isn’t the why behind what I do. My rewards are many including the relationships built over the years with committed professionals, a leadership role that naturally developed, and uncovering other opportunities for my many revenue streams such as sales of notary products and services, coaching, speaking, writing articles etc. Many of my colleagues have referred other notaries who want coaching or have purchased their own supplies or classes from me or recommended others my way for more complex signings. We bring each other mutually beneficial interests and that is what networking is really about.

This article gives 5 easy ways to engage in networking. In what ways do you or could you demonstrate your interest in others in your current network or in building a larger one?

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Networking can sometimes feel like a bad dream where you’re forced to talk in front of a group of…


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