Am I sure I want to be my own boss?

For those of you thinking about how great it is ts to think about,and  for those of us who have…….. we will relate.  And his 9th item is fantastic, which is: Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, just because you watch Shark Tank doesn’t make you one.  Find the right path for you, which may be joining a start up or small family business, climbing the top of a huge conglomerate,  or just maybe jumping off on you own.

I found that combining entrepreneurship, my own mobile notary and coaching business with an alliance of a nationally known organization such as the NNA  was a strategy that allowed me greater visibility and reach, access to expertise that helped me build my own, and the ability to pay the wolf at the door during the lean years.

In 2016, I will celebrate 12 years as a notary, the last 10 with a business plan that has helped me build a core business that allowed me to expand beyond providing notary services, connect with thousands of people across the US and truly like what I do.

I encourage you to find your path and do so too.

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